IRC meeting summary for 2016-01-07



Main topics

  • 0.12 Release candidate
  • Detailed roadmap for next projects

Short topics/notes

Gmaxwell has asked Luke-Jr to take over as BIP-editor. He’ll be working on clearing up the back-log. He mailed the mailinglist for information.

All platforms seem to compile bitcoin with C++11 now. Travis still needs a C++11 compiler, which cfields will enable.

Segnet will do a backwards incompatible change soon, to change the commitment structure.

0.12 Release candidate


Bitcoin Core 0.12 is scheduled for release around February and introduces a lot of fixes and improvements.

meeting comments

It still needs some more info in the release notes.
PR’s #7151 and #7149 are mentioned to possibly still be included in 0.12 as well as a quick fix for #7098 (to be written).
Morcos feels strongly that releasing 0.12 as is, is pretty bad. Due to the smartfee changes stuck transactions should be really rare, but if they happen it’s worse than 0.11, as the network more easily “forgets” transactions.
PR #7312 “Add RPC call abandontransaction” is proposed by Morcos to be a quick-fix to enable users to make their wallet forget about the inputs to a transaction that’s not in the mempool. Better solutions should be build for 0.12.1

meeting conclusion

Take a look at PR’s #7151, #7149 and #7312
Cfields will work on a fix for #7098

Detailed roadmap for next projects


Morcos makes a request for some direction on what sort of timeline projects are on, and what the order of implementation should roughly be. This so there’s a concentration of effort and focus.
A more clear plan could result in investing resources into the right parts.

meeting comments

  • Jonasschnelli will work on RBF features for the wallet.
  • Cfields is planning to post a request for comments for a network stack overhaul next week.
  • BIP 9 versionbits is moved back in priority a bit.
  • Libconsensus refactoring needs a scheduled time to do, as well as C++11.
  • Clang format might not be worth it, if so we need to communicate that it won’t happen.

meeting conclusion

Everyone that is working on something that they plan to have finished for 0.13 should send wumpus his proposals, so he can merge it into a plan.


Luke-Jr         Luke Dashjr  
wumpus          Wladimir J. van der Laan  
sipa	        Pieter Wuille  
morcos	        Alex Morcos  
jonasshnelli    Jonas Schnelli  
cfields         Cory Fields  
petertodd       Peter Todd  
MarcoFalke      Marco Falke  
sdaftuar        Suhas Daftuar  
jgarzik	        Jeff Garzik  
btcdrak	        btcdrak  
CodeShark       Eric Lombrozo  
droark	        Douglas Roark  
jtimon	        Jorge Timón  

Comic relief

19:40 sipa    there is a moral obligation to have VB or something with similar functionality available   (refering to versionbits)    
19:41 Luke-Jr "Pieter Wuille proposes a moral requirement to rewrite Bitcoin in Visual Basic."


This summary was originally compiled by Stefan Gilis aka “G1lius” and posted to the bitcoin-discuss mailing list with the disclaimer “Please bear in mind I’m not a developer so some things might be incorrect or plain wrong.” and placed copyright in the Public Domain.