IRC meeting summary for 2017-10-26


Main topics

  • Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core


With the upcoming Segwit 2x fork Bitcoin Core will be released prior to the fork with better handling of invalid blocks and peers relaying them.

Meeting Comments

  • Discussion of Pull Requests that need to be merged. Reviewers should review these Pull requests preferably within the next two days.
  • Morcos brings up a possible issue with running Bitcoin Core and Segwit 2x nodes simultaneously on the same IP address. gmaxwell points out that this is a already a property of the network.
  • gmaxwell suggests that a warning mechanism for the chain state database should be implemented too for those who switch from Segwit 2x to Bitcoin Core post-fork.

Comic relief

<achow101> In other news, I got someone to write meeting notes for the website. we'll try to get through all of the meetings missed too
<wumpus> achow101: that's great news!
<meshcollider> \o/
<gmaxwell> bad news is that the someone is roger ver.
<gmaxwell> :P
<achow101> lol. no
<wumpus> hahahaha
<luke-jr> XD
<luke-jr> achow101: you've checked?
<meshcollider> Comic relief would be the whole meeting notes
<achow101> luke-jr: unless I am blind, I am pretty sure the person writing the notes next to me is roger ver
<achow101> *is not
<gmaxwell> uh oh.
<luke-jr> achow101: maybe on his payroll :P
* gmaxwell imagines the delayed correction coming after a sharp poke to the ribs

Note the author of these notes is insulted by the above exchange.


IRC nick Name/Nym
cfields Cory Fields
luke-jr Luke Dashjr
gmaxwell Gregory Maxwell
wumpus Wladimir van der Laan
morcos Alex Morcos
sdaftuar Suhas Daftuar
BlueMatt Matt Corallo
achow101 Andrew Chow
jnewbery John Newbery
meshcollider Samuel Dobson
karelb Karel Bilek


This summary was compiled without input from any of the participants in the discussion, so any errors are the fault of the summary author and not the discussion participants.